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Tromsø Haskell Users Group

(all functional programmers are welcome!)

About THUG

We are a group of functional programming enthusiasts who enjoy a friendly discussion about programming languages and coding philosophy. The group spans the full spectrum from the die-hard Haskeller to people who have heard of functional programming and are simply curious to learn more. Our aim is to teach and learn from each other, exchange ideas and have fun.

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The Chef recommends: Haskell & Stackage, F# & NuGet, Clojure & Clojars


lambda:~% ghci
GHCi, version http://www.haskell.org/ghc/  :? for help
λ> :m Data.List Data.Char Data.Bits Numeric
λ> :{
foldl ((. reverse) . (++)) mempty
  . intersperse [chr $ 2^5]
  . words . map (chr . xor 0xff . fst . head . readHex)
  . takeWhile (not . null) . unfoldr (Just . splitAt 2)
  $ concat ["919690b5df889091df9b919edf9a92909",


We plan regular informal meet-ups around coffee with informal talks and discussions. Stay tuned.

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Jonas Jusélius (firstname.lastname@gmail.com)
Radovan Bast (firstname.lastname@uit.no)

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